Maxo Kream Goes From "Roaches" To Shiny Veneers

Devin Ch
November 15, 2018 13:02

Maxo Kream's "Roaches" gets the video treatment.

Maxo Kream is such a rarity, a rapper speaking on lived experience with an air of authenticity and tastefulness in equal measure. Punken, the full-length project he dropped in 2018, flew under the radar, in part because Maxo was busy catching up with reality. Roaches one of the closing tracks on the album, is the perfect embodiment of descriptive language creating a fuller picture. So in theory, Maxo didn't have to make "Roaches" the next video project off his album, on account of it being descriptive, but in the spirit of the artful choices he's made in the past, it only makes with surplus $ in the budget.

The "Roaches" music video takes us on a trip down memory lane, to a time when Maxo Kream kept his stash spot a secret from his parents. the actor playing a fresh-faced Maxo Kream scrounges up pesos hidden beneath a sectional sofa. The flashback occurs at a standstill - even the current Maxo looks ostensibly removed from his grit and grind comeuppance, Federal indictments and all. The video closes as a once toothless Maxo Kream shows off his flashy veneers, a symbol that he's come a long way.

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