Maxo Kream Goes Dumb In "Go" Video

Matthew Parizot
March 26, 2018 17:56

Maxo Kream and D. Flowers take it back to the block.

If we're to judge by the state of this video, Houston, Texas appears to be the most blue city on Earth.

That's relatively appropriate however, considering Maxo Kream is not afraid to let his crip-flag fly, and there's no shortage of it in his new video for "Go" off his recent album Punken

The video showcases several trap houses and blocks in Houston, where he and around 20 of his boys have gathered to squad up in front of the camera, throwing up gang signs and generally going ham for the song. Luckily, the song slaps, so going buck to it shouldn't be an issue. D. Flowers raps so aggressively in the video I was certain his chain was going to smack him in the face.



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