Maxo Kream "G3" Video

Rose Lilah
July 20, 2016 15:56

Watch Maxo Kream's new music video for "G3.'

Maxo Kream's "G3" takes us through what a typical day in Maxo's Houston hood might be like-- he pops some (or eight) Xans, robs his enemies without a ski mask, traps, and has to deal with family issues. Today Maxo follows up The Persona Tape with an official music video for "G3" bringing his detailed raps to life.

We follow Maxo around Houston streets as he does his dirty work-- everything culminates on an abandoned road at the end of the video, with Maxo and his crew taking their victim out of the trunk of the car and removing a bag from his head only to reveal that it's...Maxo. Meanwhile Maxo looks incredulous as he sees himself. Watch above.

Download The Persona Tape here.

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