Maxo Kream Chooses Between Weed & Booze, Drake & Weezy, And More On "This Or That"

Mitch Findlay
July 26, 2019 12:02

Maxo Kream is swift and decisive when faced with difficult questions.

Today marks the arrival of the latest episode of This Or That, featuring one of the game's gulliest lyricists, Maxo Kream. With difficult choices abound, Maxo holds fast to his opinions. Even when faced between the seemingly impossible choice of Aux Cord and Oxtail, Maxo remains decisive. "Hand me the Aux Cord," he says. "I got get a chicken cutlet, I don't gotta eat no Oxtail, but I cannot jam nobody else music." Next up is the eternal debate, Twitter Vs. Instagram. A man who appreciates his visuals, Maxo holds it down for the Gram, but it's not an easy decision. "Twitter get it crackin," he muses. "There are people that'll talk and read all day. That's what they wanna do. See words."

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Next up is the Pimp diet, which is to say, shrimp and steak. His face suggests a no-brainer. "Steak," he declares, before moving on to the genuinely tough duel between alcohol and weed. Although, as Maxo tells it, it's weed all the way. "Fuck alcohol," he says. Like Lil West before him, Maxo fields the Drake vs Lil Wayne comparison, only this time he opts for big Weezy - all because of Dedication 2.

Tough questions appear easy with Maxo at the helm, as he deftly fields duels between The Wire and The Sopranos, checks over stripes, LeBron or Jordan, delivery or cooking, money or respect, and much more. Check out the full video now, and should you still be lacking, head over here and support Maxo's excellent Brandon Banks album. 

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