Max Kellerman has been a well-known Tom Brady hater throughout the course of his time ESPN's First Take. In many ways, Kellerman is the same with Brady as his co-host Stephen A. Smith is with the Dallas Cowboys. Kellerman takes any chance to dunk on Brady and when he plays bad, you better believe Kellerman is going to hop on First Take and declare that Brady is washed.

Well, yesterday, Brady and his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, had a rough go in their first game together as Brady threw two interceptions and lost the game. Following this performance, Kellerman made sure to bask in Brady's sorrow today, as he took to ESPN with some hot takes, noting that Brady is on the decline and is effectively finished.

"Without Bill Belichick there to give him the team success that masks his decline, [Brady] is obviously in decline," Kellerman.

Considering Brady has only played one game with the Buccaneers, this reaction is certainly a bit premature, although there is no denying that Brady has quite a bit of work to do. Regardless, this is a 16-game season, and the Bucs have plenty of time to figure it out, especially with the playoffs being expanded to seven teams per conference.