Today has been a sobering day for the world of sports, especially when it comes to baseball. Twelve players and two coaches on the Miami Marlins have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, which is a reminder of just how fast this virus can spread to people. Now, there are serious discussions being had about the future of the MLB season and whether or not they should just shut things down.

Unlike the NBA and NHL, Major League Baseball was operating without a bubble. So far, no players in the NBA or NHL have tested positive for the virus which shows just how successful this practice is. Today on First Take, Max Kellerman spoke about the bubble concept and how the NFL needs to take note. As he explained, without a bubble city, the NFL could fall into the same fate as the MLB, especially when you consider how NFL teams have twice the amount of players.

Kellerman's warning is a pretty accurate one especially since the NFL seems to want to go with an MLB approach of full travel but no fans. Even if the virus slows down by the time the NFL season starts, they're still going to need preventative measures in place.

At this point, it is better to be safe than sorry.