The casual MMA fan docked Max Holloway demerit points after his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 236. Little did they know, even the wiliest of fighters find it difficult to move and down up in weight after finding a bodily rhythm, especially when they're consistently up against best on a P4P scale.

Luckily, the higher-ups in the UFC saw it differently, granting Poirier the largest payday of his career, against Khabib Nurmagomedov no less - and Max Holloway a sanctimonious return to the Featherweight division, still under his control despite the loss to Poirier. Upon his return, Frankie Edgar was swiftly chosen as the #1 contender for his belt. So, without further delay, plans were hatched for Holloway's return to Canada on July 28th, the scene in which (Toronto) he first struck gold as the Interim Featherweight Champion (against Anthony Pettis).

Last night's UFC 240 in Edmonton produced a wide range of highlights: Hakeem Dawodu kick to the dome in the prelims, as well as Cris Cyborg bloody return to the octagon against Felicia Spencer. But nothing on the undercard commanded the respect of a Max Holloway title fight, given his stature in the sport. Incidentally, Max Holloway, the firm favorite, scored the win over his opponent Frankie Edgar, but perhaps in the manner, he'd envisioned leading up to the fight. Holloway is, by his own admission, a striker before anything else.

"Everybody said I wasn't able to wrestle with this guy," Holloway said of Edgar's mat skills, after the fight. "I wanted to prove a point and go five rounds with him, so I could let the world know I'm here to stay. The 'Blessed' express is still on the move."

In the end, the judges ringside scored the bout 50-45, 49-46, and 48-47, all in Holloway's favor, extending his all-time run within the UFC's Featherweight division. Edgar failed in 13/14 of his takedown attempts, paving the way for Holloway to "outpoint" him with his reach advantage,  culminating in a mixture of power punches, jabs, within a tight buffer of space. Let us know: where does Holoway's victory over Edgar put him on the all-time lit, comment below?