From the moment Matthew McConaughey burst onto the scene in Dazed And Confused, back in 1993, he's been due for a full circle return to the stoner who'd crash a high school party, philosophizing about the unchanging age of high school girls. In Beach Bum, McConaughey's character, Moon Dog, seems likely to do that, or really just about anything. The new trailer for the film, however, shows a little more of Moon Dog as a person rather than just a guy who jumps in pools and parties. It seems that he's also a poet, who does readings and, after appearing in court, decides he's going to do something nobody has done before: "write the great American novel."

Moon Dog is joined in what might as well be Margaritaville by the real Jimmy Buffet, as well as Snoop Dogg as Lingerie, Zac Efron looking like his true self, Isla Fisher as his love interest, Martin Lawrence as the captain of a boat (?) and Jonah Hill as some rich guy. The director of the new movie is Harmony Korine, who has come a long way from Kids. 

As a primer for the movie, have a listen to Jummy Buffet's "Margaritaville," a song that seems like it will sum this movie up pretty succinctly: