Ahead of a long-rumored run for Governor of Texas, Matthew McConaughey says he has no sympathy for anti-maskers. The Academy Award winner says masks are a “short-term inconvenience for long-term freedom.”

“I’m not believing you’re really scared of this little cotton thing,” McConaughey said in a new interview with Carlos Watson, this week. “I don’t really feel that takes away your identity and your freedom. There’s no data that says it’s not a good thing. No data that says it’s harmful.”

“We have got to make some sacrifices for larger rewards tomorrow,” McConaughey added.

Matthew McConaughey, Governor
Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

For months, McConaughey has teased a foray into politics that would likely begin with a campaign to become Governor of Texas. When asked about the rumors by Watson, he remarked that he's “not interested in going and putting a bunch of Band-Aids on that are gonna be ripped off.”

He added that politics might not be the right outlet for what he's looking for: “I’m interested in building something that can last, and I’m measuring what category that is. I don’t know if that’s politics."

McConaughey isn't the only Hollywood star rumored to be interested in a political career. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is also rumored to be considering the move.