Social media shouldn’t be this serious, but it appears someone thinks it is. Matt Barnes posted a few tweets last night explaining that a lawyer contacted him on behalf of a client. The lawyer told Barnes, “If I don’t stop ‘being mean’ to a certain person via social media, that this particular ‘person’ was gonna file a restraining order on me.”

Barnes doesn’t name names, instead playing fake coy about not knowing who the unnamed player was. Anyone who has been paying attention to Barnes’ off court issues over the past year (or Kanye West’s “30 Hours”) should know who he’s talking about, but we’ll give you a refresher.

Just before this year’s NBA season started, Matt Barnes heard from his twin sons that his former teammate Derek Fisher was at the house Barnes and his estranged wife once shared. Barnes “went crazy” and “drove down there to beat the shit out of him,” explained one source at the time. Barnes was eventually suspended for a game, and then subsequently written into the history books by becoming a Kanye West joke/ad-lib.

Barnes hasn’t let issue slide though, continually making social media posts making fun of Derek Fisher. They aren’t particularly harmful, so Derek Fisher must have pretty thin skin for this to get to him (assuming it was his lawyer on this call). Trash talking is like a second language for social media, so we’re pretty disappointed in Fisher’s response. Check out a couple of Barnes’ hilarious posts below, including a picture he posted recently that takes shots at both Fisher and the D'Angelo Russell-Nick Young-Iggy Azalea debacle.