Retired NBA player Matt Barnes is getting ready to be a father of three. His girlfriend, Anansa Sims, is 23 weeks pregnant and due in December and according to TMZ, the couple is happier than ever. "They are both happy and their families and friends are super supportive," a source told the publication. "She's just really sweet and brings out the best in him. It's a good pairing." 

Anansa reportedly has three children with her ex David Patterson while Matt has a set of twins with his ex, Gloria Govan. Together the couple will make one big happy family.

Speaking of Matt's ex, Gloria is engaged to Matt's rival, Derek Fisher and a few months back Gloria made it clear that Matt would "asolutely not" be attending her big day. "[Matt] and Derek aren't cool... they're cordial. I wouldn't say 'beef' but they don't talk every week," she told paparazzi when describing why it wouldn't happen.