Kodak Black and Master P once had a chance to develop a unique mentorship relationship as the young Florida rapper was coming up. Last year, things turned sour when Kodak accused Master P of charging him for said mentorship. Kodak seemingly has a hard time holding back information, perhaps even incriminating himself on social media at times. During his Breakfast Club interview this month, Kodak spoke on his relationship with Master P, saying that the OG ended up turning around on him after claiming he wasn't after any money. Now, Master P is hitting back in a calm manner, affirming that he's moving his focus to a more cinematic vision.

The 48-year-old took to Instagram to respond to Kodak's claims, saying that all he tried to do with the Dying To Live artist was "help him." He ended up criticizing Kodak for his social media tendencies, saying, "Everything you doing on social media is telling on yourself. You're the police because you're telling on yourself. You're putting guns. You're putting money up. You got 150 Gs, but you can't give 10 Gs back to the community or school you went to."

Master P might think twice about offering his help to Kodak now but he still wants to see the 21-year-old succeed, saying that he should really take into account what people like him have to say.