Lavar Ball is unapologetic in his speech and constantly stands by what he says, despite what everyone else thinks. It's a characteristic that's admirable to some but often times stirs controversy. After Donald Trump said he spoke to the Chinese president to get LiAngelo Ball out of jail for shoplifting, Lavar has consistently denied thanking him, initiating a spur of bashful tweets from the President. Everybody has chimed in on the conversation, most recently Master P, who thinks Lavar should have some sort of gratitude for the Head of State.

TMZ recently caught Master P outside of an airport where they asked him about Lavar's response to Donald Trump following his CNN interview. P says despite Trump's policies and the way that he handles things, he should be grateful that his son is back on U.S. soil following the whole fiasco that happened in China.

"I just think it's a blessing to have you kids back at home, man," he told them, "You just gotta be humble."

He acknowledges that Lavar Ball is vocal about his opinions but he still thinks the President's help should be acknowledged in some for of gratitude.

"If [Trump], which had a big thing of getting his son back home, then that's what it should be. That's just give respect where it's at," he said, "To me, I put God first. I think that if somebody help you, you be appreciative for it, that's it."

Lavar Ball has caught some flack from people for his recent interview with CNN on Trump's attack on him. Ball refused to thank the President for his alleged actions and said that he's unsure if Trump actually had anything to do with it in the first place. Shannon Sharpe recently went in on Ball, saying that he shouldn't be trying to pick a fight with the president and that he should just say thank you to him in the first place.

However, Lavar Ball's feud with Trump may have benefited him more than we'd think. It's been reported that Ball received $13.2 million in free TV and digital advertising for Big Baller Brand since the feud kicked off on Nov. 17.