Master P has had one of the longest and successful runs in the rap game. After establishing No Limit, the music mogul dabbled into other fields such as sports and film. His life story is undoubtedly one that should be told and it will be in the near future. Master P took to Instagram to reveal that he signed a new deal with Lionsgate to produce his biopic.

Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Master P took to Instagram that he just made history with his new deal with Lionsgate. He revealed that he signed "one of the biggest deals with Lionsgate" to produce his upcoming biopic, King Of The South: Ice Cream Man. He also revealed that he's tapped the writer for Menace II Society, Tyger Williamsto write the script.

"Today we made history! Signed one of the biggest deals with LionsGate for the Master P biopic 'King of the South IceCream Man,'" he wrote. "Salute to the kings that came before me Lil J, Uncle Luke, and Tony Draper. God is good to be able to be alive and tell your story, and have it written by Tyger Williams who did Menace to society. Movies..Movies...Movies"

Master P's upcoming biopic will explore his childhood and early adulthood to becoming one of the biggest moguls in the rap game.

"To still be able to be alive and partner with a major film company [Lionsgate] is definitely history," he told XXL. "To be the first time to have a story come from the South and to have an effect on hip-hop, we changed the game and showed you how to make money from the product."