Master P has dabbled into a lot of different fields in entertainment over the course of his career. He's known for the efforts as the No Limit CEO and his contributions to music, but he's also dabbled in film, television and sports. Master P is one of, if not the only rapper to have managed to become a professional athlete while being a famous rapper. He ended up landing a contract with both the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors during the pre-season in the late 90's. However, it looks like he's up for a new gig as the head coach for one of his former teams.

After Dwane Casey lost his job at the Raptors' head coach, it looks like Master P is looking to fill that position. The No Limit CEO recently caught up with TMZ in L.A. and explained several reasons where Casey messed up during the season and how he would've handled it if he was in that position. 

"I could see why he's great at what he do and I could see why the Raptors let him go," he said before breaking down why Demar Derozan isn't to blame for the firing of Casey. "You can't blame Demar because he's just a tough player. 'Cause think about it. Playing in the NBA is confusing. You from Compton, people gon' tell you to tone it down, don't play like that. You gon' need a coach that'll show you the real. I feel like it start with the coach... I would've motivated [DeMar] to say, 'go out there and do what you gotta do.' That's what a coach do. A coach can't play, a coach got to motivate the team."

While he didn't think that Casey deserved to be fire, he explained why he'd be a perfect fit as the Raptors head coach.

"You know what, I think I would be the perfect coach for Toronto because I understand the team, I understand the players. Toronto had two all stars. And you look at it right now, it's like, you should've went farther." He said.

Peep the clip below.