Last week Master P celebrated his birthday, and on the day of, he went out for lunch with his son Romeo. Unbeknownst to him, a flash mob had been planned by his friends, and the crew of flash mobbers broke out in dance right in front of where P was eating lunch. Master P's reaction was probably not what the flash mobbers expected, as he stormed out of their performance mid-way, and would not return even when he was begged by the person who organized it.

Master P spoke with TMZ about what went wrong at the flash mob surprise party, and he says he thought he was being "Punk'd."

The founder of No Limit said, "You know what happened, I just wanna thank my loved ones, my friends, the foundation, everybody that put that together..." Romeo cut in to explain the situation, "Ashton Kutcher been tryna get me to get him Punk'd since 2008. And it was one of those situations where we thought we were just having a little meeting or whatever, and it just caught us off guard."

While Master P sent out thanks to everyone that put the surprise together, he added, "I don't really like surprises...Nobody ever did that for me before."

Check out the interview clip below.