Master P dropped off a new mixtape recently, Al Capone, and featured on it was his single "Brick To A Million." The single raised a few eyebrows, as many took it as a Lil Wayne and Kanye West diss. 

Master P kicks off the song with "New niggas wearin’ dresses – fuck it, I ain’t scared to address it/Gangster niggas on skateboards?" Seeing as Kanye has caught a lot of flack for wearing kilts on stage, and Weezy for his hobby of skateboarding, it made sense to assume that's who Master P was addressing. However, while talking to Big Boy on Power 106, P clarifies it was not a diss track. Although he says he was not talking about 'Ye or Weezy specifically he also adds "if the shoe fits..."

Master P said of the track, "that ain't a diss, I never made a diss record. And like I said, I think that a lot of people, if you feel salty behind that, then I can say if the shoe fits wear it, I ain't afraid to address. I just feel like in hip-hop, we at a state where, we either gunna be real or we not. I'm just addressing what I see."

He continued, "that particular song, wasn't about nobody in hip-hop, but I think people takin' it like that. This was one of these guys that worked at a radio station, that didn't believe in me, told me it was over for me. And he ridin' up on a skateboard, got a little mini skirt on. This a new dude into the business, he tellin' me that it was over for me. If these cats wanna take it like that, that's on them. But this dude motivated me to get back into the business."

Catch everything the rapper had to say below.