You might recall, if you're young enough, the perfect family dynamic Master P maintained on the old Nickelodeon sitcom on his son's vehicle, "Romeo!" It seems that Master P's real family's situation is less ideal than that depicted on the idyllic kids' show, as his estranged wife, Sonya Miller, is petitioning for a divorce and claiming that she is currently on welfare and had to move in with her son, the former child Hip-Hop star, Romeo.

Remember, Master P's net value is estimated around $200 million and his wife claims she helped him earn some of that considerable dough. She even provided court documents showing Master P didn't have the financial stability he has today, citing that they started the No Limit Records brand together. 

Sonya Miller filed for divorce against Master P around 2013, but he ignored the case as was fined over 10 grand. Whether Sonya's claims about her influence in P's successful entrepreneurial efforts are founded remains to be seen, but it still doesn't seem right that she struggles while he continues to enjoy his immense fortune. 

Although, while Master P's family life has seen some struggles he remains strong with his music. You can check out his latest mix, The Gift (Return of the Ice Cream Man) here.