He once made a generation of hip-hop fans say UGH, and now, nearly twenty years later, Master P has solidified his place in the game. While many recognize the legacy of the No Limit CEO, Master P most recently made headlines over an interesting misunderstand with Kodak Black. When the veteran producer expressed interest in mentoring the young Florida rapper, Kodak put P on blast and claimed he was charging for "mentorship." But Master P is no fool, and the business-savy mogul responded with a detailed explanation of his perspective of events. 

Now, Master P has made a stop at The Breakfast Club, to chat with DJ Envy, Angela Yee, & Charlamagne Tha God. Master P kicks things off with a nice swig of liquor before diving right into Kodak talk, and P is quick to praise Kodak as "a star." However, P makes it clear that Kodak "has a lot of people around him he needs to fix....If [Kodak] wants that advice, I can give it to you and help you, but if you don't need it to be fixed, you don't need it."

He goes on to say he's not sure why it even became a story in the first place, saying "Akademiks didn't really know what was up," and that he has a lot of love for Kodak. Still, P is adamant about the fact that people are taking advantage of the young rapper. Eventually, P moves on to talking about his documentary, his basketball league, and much more. When Charlamagne asks if P ever misses the hood mentality, P laughs and says "hell no, I'm corporate America. I'm grown up, don't be afraid to grow up. The hood is somewhere that you placed in...but my thing is about giving back and helping those kids and showing them that if I made it, they can make it." 

If you're interested in the game's business side, you should most definitely check out the full interview below.