No Limit fans rejoiced at the news of Mckinley "Mac" Phipps Jr. finally receiving parole. The rapper was sentenced to 30 years in prison after he was convicted of manslaughter in the 2000 killing of 19-year-old Barron Victor Jr. in a nightclub. Mac has maintained his innocence, even after he was sentenced to prison time. 

“I want to say thank you for this opportunity," 43-year-old Phipps told the court after he was granted parole. "I definitely want to say I’m sorry to the family of the victim and to just anyone who was affected by this.” Phipps had served 21-years out of his 30-year sentence when the Louisiana Board of Pardons and Committee on Parole unanimously agreed to grant him a chance at being closer to freedom. So far, there hasn't been a release date hasn't been set.

Many fans expressed their excitement for Phipps' potential release. Master P broke his silence on the 'Gram yesterday when he shared a photo of Mac to celebrate the board granting the former No Limit rapper parole. "Welcome home soldier!" Master P wrote on the 'Gram. "@macphippsofficial Let God guide you on this next chapter."

Once a release date for Mac has been put in place, there will be a few guidelines that he has to follow. For one, he has a curfew in place between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m and won't be allowed to enter places that serve alcohol. Additionally, he has to complete six hours of community service a week.