Master P took a moment to discuss his imminent plans with XXL recently. The conversation will be best remembered for the seemingly impossible assertion the No Limit founder made concerning plans for a joint album with Jeezy. Any doubters should consider the following: Master P already selected a title for the project - there's a hope he doesn't work in reverse, on this project.

"The album is called It's Gonna Be a Cold Summer because that's how it's going to be," Master P told XXL, without bending much in character. "In 2019, it's going to be a cold summer."

Later in the interview, Master P alluded to finishing a number of the songs while in shoot mode with Jeezy. "We got several songs (done) we like, almost there. We shot a video in New Orleans. We shot a video for I Got the Hook Up 2 soundtrack. So we got a lot of things in the works," he continued.

For those that don't know, I Got The Hook Up 2 is the film project Master P hopes will garner DC Young Fly top billing in the Comedy World. As is often the case in B-level joints administered by Master P, John Witherspoon gets to pick a role of his choosing, something he's earned after decades of ball-busting humor. As for the tentative Jeezy-project, your guess is as good as mine, as to whether it'll ever see the light of day. Yet, my fingers remain crossed, nothing would make me happier from a generational perspective.