There are no limits to the mysterious depths of the occult. Long have tales of disturbing ritualistic practices been campfire fodder for the conspiratorially inclined. Whispers of the Illuminati, of goat masks, the ingestion of blood, satanic imagery -- weird sex stuff -- the list goes ever on and on. For many of us, we're on the outside looking in, unaware of what goes on behind the curtain. For former No Limit soldier Rico Crowder, who previously signed to Master P's label with his group Sons Of Funk during the label's legendary run, his experience was decidedly first-hand.

Sons Of Funk, previously signed to No Limit Records

During a conversation with the Murder Master Music Show, Rico took a moment to reflect on a fateful night that left him particularly shaken up, an eye-opening experience evocative of Stanley Kubrick's wildest whims. Springboarding off a claim that former Def Jam signee previously told the host that he had witnessed occult rituals, Rico proceeded to share his own story. "What they say is true," he affirms. "One day if you call me, I can tell you what I literally saw myself. It was literally some cult--it was a ritual. I was invited to the party, but I told them 'ya'll trippin' I fool with a multi-millionaire, and he from the streets. We don't get down like that.'"

"I immediately left, jumped in my Benz and went home," he continues. "I don't know about Illuminati, but if there was an Illuminati, that was it. I was there at the party and they was ready to induct me into their little crew. It was some high profile people. I can't mention who it is now, but trust me, there was some weird, wild events going on. I'm like bruh, I ain't know you get down like that."

As for Master P, Rico confirms that the No Limit founder was having absolutely none of it. "We was so thugged out, P was like 'I wish they would, man,'" adds Rico. "We didn't get down like that. P was very very -- he's a man, and he's the alpha. If I can't get it the right way, I sure ain't gettin' it that way. That's one thing you won't see P doing."

Check out Rico's entire reflection on the occult activities practiced by the elite circles below, courtesy of the Murder Master Music Show.