It seems there was another veteran rapper with the idea to do a reggae album before  Snoop Dogg aka Lion decided to make a big deal about his crossover into the genre. Masta Killa recently revealed that he has had plans to do a reggae album for awhile, but the timing has never been right. 

The Wu-Tang Clan member just released his fourth studio album in December, but he hasn't slowed down since it's release. Masta Killa recently said while talking to that being a fan of all music leads him to make a variety of songs. "I love to create. I love writing. I’m a fan of music first, so I have many songs. I can formulate and create and bring a world into existence," Killa said. "I have a Reggae project that I had in the wings for a minute as I’m always working. Since the 'One Blood' from [Wu-Tang Clan’s] The W album, I’ve always loved the Reggae music and I’ve always worked with different Reggae artists. So doing that Reggae album was always in the making, but timing is everything."

Masta Killa says he's had the reggae album planned for awhile, but when Nas dropped one with Damian Marley, he decided to fall back for awhile. "I had a reggae project before too, but Nas happened to come with that album with the Marley brother, so I had to fall back on that. I was like, “Nah my brother Nas killed that” and I loved that project, so I didn’t wanna give you that at that time."

He continued to explain further, "So doing that reggae album was always in the making, but timing is everything. For the people to be receptive to it and really understand, I just thought it was too soon for that reggae album. I didn’t feel I had enough Hip Hop albums under my belt solo wise yet. Group wise, you know I’m everywhere. I’m on everybody’s album as far as my family, as far as the Wu-Tang and all of that. But solo wise, I wanted to bring a little bit more as far as Hip Hop is concerned before I actually did the reggae thing."

Masta Killa didn't reveal any timeline for when we could expect to hear what reggae music he's been cooking up, so stay on the look out.