Kobe Bryant's passing is still something that is hard to believe. It has been over four months since the helicopter accident that claimed his life and people still can't wrap their heads around how one of basketball's biggest legends was taken away from us way too soon. In the wake of his death, there have been numerous tributes all over the world including artful murals that depict Kobe in a heavenly light.

The latest of these murals to be resurrected was recently completed in Bosnia And Herzegovina and it is believed that this is the largest Kobe mural in all of Europe as it is 19 feet tall and 39 feet wide. The creators of the mural spoke to the Srpska Times about why they created the mural and as they explain, it's because Kobe was a hero to them.


“Kobe Bryant was one of my role models and when we heard that he tragically lost his life, we came up with the idea to pay tribute to him,” one man said. “That is how we made a mural on the wall of the school next to which we spent time on the playground.”

As the months go by, we will certainly be seeing even more murals go up in Kobe's honor and we can't wait to see all of them.