A massive blast in the capital of Lebanon has reported at least 50 deaths and thousands of injuries, CNN reports. Authorities claim that the source of the explosion was from a fire that occurred at a warehouse in Beirut's port area. The footage that's circulated across social media reveals the mass damage it caused. 


Thousands of people were forced to rush to the local hospital to heal their injuries. Health Minister Hamad Hassan said that there's been at least 50 deaths reported and 2,700 injured by the blast. Georges Kettaneh, a Lebanese Red Cross official, said that many attempted to go to the hospital roughly a kilometer away from the explosion, though the number of people was more than the hospital was able to accommodate. The number of deaths reported is expected to be much higher than what the Health Minister provided, especially as the damaged buildings are being investigated for casualties.

Though it's said the explosion occurred due to a fire, it's also being said that the warehouse was housing explosives.

The cloud of smoke that went up in the air following the explosion was like a massive mushroom. Eyewitnesses who've spoke to the media have described it as a similar to an apocalypse."

We'll keep you posted on any updates regarding the situation in Beirut.