Brooklyn-based urban lifestyle magazine Mass Appeal is back in print after a 5-year hiatus, with Earl Sweatshirt gracing the cover of their 52nd issue alongside Blake Anderson of Workaholics fame. The magazine functioned online in a reduced capacity while it was out of print.

The rag began as graffiti zine in 1996 and grew into an alternative trendsetting publication covering a breadth of topics including film, video games, vehicles, street wear, skateboarding and hip-hop culture in general. 

In the feature interview with writer Gabe Alvarez, Earl expresses his appreciation of mystery in music: 

"Mystery is the fuckin’ best when it comes to music, though. Like I wish Fly Lo had stayed Captain Murphy forever. Like [if] you’d never seen DOOM’s face. Like you never truly [knew] what happened with Eminem and his childhood and shit. Andre 3000 has done like 12 verses since 2002 and is like the best. So being mysterious, if used correctly, can work in your favor.”

Previous columnists included NYC rapper and film buff R.A. The Rugged Man and LA graffiti/tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon. There's no word yet as to who will be contributing to this new manifestation of the publication. 

Other artists who've appeared on the cover of the mag include Eminem, Jim Jones, Rakim, Nas, Fat Joe, Clipse and The Game. 

Keep an eye on the shelves for the new edition.