Former "Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood" actress/singer Masika Kalysha, whom you've probably never heard of unless you are a LHH follower, has announced that she's pregnant with Fetty Wap's child, much to Fetty's surprise.

For a little background history, Masika and Fetty previously collaborated on the single "Andale." That's really all the information you need, as the singer says, "So, um, the song I did with Fetty [Wap], 'Ándale,' ladies, be careful when you listen to this song because we conceived a child that night." 

Masika seems pretty happy when revealing the news, although it's unclear from her vantage point if Fetty is even aware of the pregnancy. He's since taken to twitter to call out Masika for riding his coattails.

In a since-deleted comment, Fetty started by writing, "Bitches posting pics now the world going crazy, she need a come up I understand that, that career lookin bad."

He's left up a few more tweets, which go on to say, "Just sit back n watch lol," followed by, "It gotta be my money cause I sho ain't handsome …"

A fan has come to Masika's defense, see their back-and-forth below. What do you make of this situation?