On Thursday, Masika Kalysha posted a TikTok video to her profile that featured her and her 4-year-old daughter, shared with rapper Fetty Wap, Khari. In the video, Masika is sitting in the front seat of the car and she pans to her daughter in the back. “Mommy, what is a trap queen?” Khari asks. “Ask your father,” Masika replies. She posted the video alongside the hashtag #askyourfather, alluding to Fetty Wap’s most famous track. 


#askyourfather#trapqueen#MasikaKalysha#kharibarbie @fettywap

♬ original sound - masikakalysha

People immediately jumped on the bandwagon of accusing Masika of staging the TikTok, alleging that she asked Khari to say that to get views. “She know she told this baby to say that (laughing emoji)” said one commenter. “Now. You know you made her say that,” said another. Others just thought the video was strange, one follower calling it, “tacky as hell.” 

Masika was definitely not a fan of people dragging her video, and she took to Twitter on Thursday night to air out her grievances.

U gotta be a special typa musty ass miserable to be deeply bothered by a 4yr old asking her mom what somethin her daddy said means. MaSiKa MaDe HeR sAy ThAt goofy face ass. That song is 7 fking yrs old but TODAY is the day that I forced my 4yr to ask me what trap queen means,” she wrote. She also called the haters “bothered & pathetic... bums.”




Fans weren’t buying it, though.




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