The controversy continues to build for Masika Kalysha. Recently, the reality star was on the receiving end of backlash after she donned makeup that made it look as if she has been assaulted. She recorded herself pretending to be kidnapped as she asked for viewers to donate money to her OnlyFans in order for her to be set free. Later, Masika shared that she was wearing makeup for her new television series and wanted to draw attention to sex trafficking for the R.O.S.E. Organization. After arguing online with the president of R.O.S.E. and apologizing for her actions, Masika was dropped from her television show.

Later, news surfaced that Masika Kalysha was involved in a physical altercation with her longtime rival, Hazel-E. The two ladies have been embroiled in a beef since their days on Love & Hip Hop, as shown in the above video, and it looks as if things have boiled over into 2020. In clips released on social media, Masika was reportedly treated by emergency responders after police were called to the scene of an altercation that took place days ago.

It's reported that the fight began after the two women came face-to-face to hash out their differences on the Zeus Network series The ConversationThe Shade Room got an exclusive look at the series and to call it tense is an understatement. Check out the clip along with the post-fight drama below.