Once thought to be long gone from the music industry, Harlem rapper Mase has returned to the forefront of the hip-hop conversation in recent weeks, most notably for his ongoing beef with Cam'Ron, who came at him in a verse off of his new tape The Program. Since then, many words have been spoken about that rift, but during a recent interview with Angie Martinez, the focus shifted for a moment to Mase's exile from Bad Boy Records, seemingly at the height of his fame.

The history between him and Diddy (known as Puff Daddy back in those days) seems to be strained due to a lack of credit. In fact, for events like the Bad Boys reunion, Mase says he did it to "be the bigger person" between the two of them. As far as he's concerned, he brought completed songs to Diddy that he never got his proper dues for, awards and otherwise. According to Mase, no matter what kind of money they threw his way, it wasn't what he was worth.

Earlier on in the conversation, he was asked about the Cam'Ron beef and, at this point, it seemed like Mase was playing those cards pretty close to his chest. “Really I aint have nothing else to say," he stated. "I said what I needed to say. He went on the radio and said what he needed to say. I go on the radio and say what I have to say. It could stop there or it don’t have to.”

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