It's unclear what's been going on with T.I. in the past week but he's been acting quite erratic on social media in his attempt to get 50 Cent to agree to do a "Verzuz." Mind you, T.I. doesn't necessarily get the credit he rightfully deserves but, like many elder statesmen, social media isn't the best place to air out grievances. But T.I. is on a mission to prove that he's one of the greatest to ever do it in hip-hop.

Gareth Davies/Getty Images

Ma$e recently chimed in with a comment that many might find controversial. During a conversation with Mreck TV, Mase shared his thoughts about a Verzuz battle between 50 Cent and T.I. Being from New York, Mase handed it to Fif and suggested that T.I. would have to compete for the title of King Of The South. According to Mase, Rick Ross holds that title.

"I'd have to go with 50. I'm from New York," Mase said. "I think T.I. got a lot of great records. I would wanna see T.I. versus Ross, though. I think Ross would be more with [what] the South need because he wanna claim that King Of The South. He gotta beat Ross."

Ma$e also chimed in on the Fabolous and Jadakiss battle. "We Bad Boy, though, you know what I'm sayin'? Bad Boy gonna be unstoppable," Ma$e responded with a laugh. "Other n***as got records, we got moments."

Peep the full interview below.