Mase is gradually making his way back into the game, but he still feels a bit of a disconnect with the younger generation of artists. In an interview with Detroit's 107.5FM, he spoke of a few of the younger rappers he's currently listening to, which included Drake and Kanye West, but when he got to J. Cole's name, he brought up a story in which he considered hitting the NC rapper.

"I like J. Cole too when he's not taking shots at me," he said. "I saw him one day, I was gonna hit him, but I thought I was too grown to be knockin' lightskinned people out... but I really like him as an artist"

Mase continued his story with a very lighthearted and playful tone, but it did seem like Cole's line had offended him. He didn't specify the song or line in which Cole took this alleged shot, but chances are it was from his "Forbidden Fruit" verse, in which he says "Cause a nigga poppin' like Harlem in 9-7, way before Mase was a reverend", which doesn't seem like an outright shot as much as a shout out.

"See in our generation, you say something on a record, we see you, it's action," continued Mase, voicing the difference between his generation and the current one, "but when I saw him I was thinking 'oh he's a kid, he don't get it.'"

The Harlem rapper then imagined what Cole's thought process was behind the line, indicating that he probably didn't think too much about how it would be perceived. "I need something to rhyme with ace. Mase would be good, he can't do nothin' he goes to church," he said, laughing.

Mase explained that when he saw Cole the next time, he wasn't exactly feeling like a good christian. "I wasn't feelin' church that day," he said, smiling. "I wasn't in the spirit when I saw him, but I caught myself."

Watch the full interview below.