Back in April we reported on how Pastor Mase and his wife Twyla Betha were filing for a divorce. While the legal battles between the once-couple continues, Mase has decided to ban Twyla from their church's pulpit following a drunk driving incident.

Twyla Betha was arrested last month for driving under the influence, and she pled guilty. She blew a .14, which is twice the legal limit. TMZ now reports that Mase banned her from the church, considering her an embarrassment, and apparently the church elders and parishioners agree with the ban. They consider Twyla a hypocrite because she previously preached that drunkenness is a sin. This is strange considering Mase was recently accused by the same church (?) of leading a double life, now that's he back in the rap game. On a related note, Mase is also battling a lawsuit from a model for using her image without her permission on his new single artwork.

Twyla Betha's mugshot is in the gallery above.