Yet another tragedy has struck the United States, leaving three people dead and two injured. A gunman, identified as Radee Labeeb Prince, is the subject of a multi-state manhunt, after a pair of shootings in Maryland and Delaware. The initial shooting occurred at Prince's workplace in Maryland, the Advanced Granite Solutions home remodeling business. Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler reports that the shooting occurred around 9 AM.

Police state that each of Prince's victims were employees of Advanced Granite Solutions, where Prince was on his fourth month of employment. In a report by USA Today, Sheriff Gahler  states that the incident "does appear to be a targeted attack for that business. There is an armed and dangerous suspect out there." He confirms that authorities arrived four minutes after the first 911 call was placed, but by then Prince had already begun shooting. Gahler believes that he might have raised the body count, had there been more time. 

Afterward, word came out that police were looking for Prince for his involvement in another shooting, this time in Delaware. As of now, no details on that incident have been released to the public. As for Prince, he was last seen fleeing in a 2008 black GMC Acadia SUV, and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has shed some light on the ongoing manhunt:

"State helicopters are in the air and state troopers are on the ground from multiple barracks," Hogan said, earlier today. "I ask all citizens — especially those in this area — to please remain vigilant."

CNN reports that Sheriff Gahler has urged Prince to turn himself in peacefully, before any more lives are lost. "I would ask him ... to stop what he has started here today. Enough loss of life ... we can end this peacefully and preserve his life and any more lives that might be in jeopardy."

It seems as if these sorts of tragedies are becoming more and more commonplace. Rest in peace to everyone who lost their lives. 

As of now, the story is still developing.