Billboard magazine is giving us a preview of their second cover for December/January, and they've chosen another strong female artist to grace it, Mary J. Blige. The other artist we saw take over their cover was Nicki Minaj, discussing her upcoming album The Pinkprint.

While the full cover story doesn't come out until November 21st, Mary has shared 5 important life lessons she's learned with Billboard for the preview. Her insight had to do with everything from recording music to dealing with drugs and alcohol.

Referring to Amy Winehouse, the veteran singer shared, "I felt connected to her in terms of the darkness and the searching for something other than the hell she was living in. I know that's what she was searching for. Because that's what you're searching for when you're doing drugs and alcohol -- you're trying to get out of that hell that's in your head."

Peep the cover in the gallery above.