Songstress Mary J. Blige and her former husband, Martin "Kendu" Isaacs, were previously hit with a lawsuit by their prior landlord. The motion regarded the home both Blige and Isaacs were living in, a $7.5 million dollar mansion located within the prestigious Mulholland Estates. The house consisted of a total of six-bedrooms and eight-bathrooms to which the ex-couple agreed to pay $25,500 monthly in rent. According to BOSSIP, the landlord alleges both Blige and Isaacs stopped paying rent on the property after three months. Furthermore, the legal papers affirm the split up couple agreed to move, they requested for the $50K deposit to be applied in back rent but never paid the additional money owing.

Moreover, Golden Ventures claimed the duo trashed the apartment and "removed" $31K worth of A/V equipment from the home. The cost of the damage and missing items coupled with the owed rent totaled to the hefty sum of $58,211 for which Blige and Isaacs were sued. Not to mention the company requested their money back in addition to interest and lawyer fees. 

As the case carried on for months, a decision was made after finally getting a hold of the "Not Gon Cry" singer and her ex-man. The two were served and are due in court next month.