On Tuesday, the first trailer for the upcoming film All About Nina surfaced online, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the lead role. The film is set to follow a struggling stand-up comedian who makes the move from New York City to Los Angeles, and finds her mental and emotional problems follow her there.

“It was an incredible opportunity to play somebody who really runs the gamut of what life can throw at you,” Winstead told EW. “It’s emotional, it’s funny, it’s dark, it’s romantic. It really has a little bit of everything.”

In the movie, Nina ends up meeting a seemingly genuine guy named Rafe, played by Common, whom she will likely self-sabotage a relationship with. “At first their connection is a bit strange because neither of them has ever met anybody like the other before,” Winstead said about her & Common’s on-screen relationship. “It’s setting something off in each other that neither of them really understands, and that’s particularly difficult for Nina in the beginning because she has a way of operating with men that she’s very comfortable with, even though it’s very unhealthy. When she meets Rafe, it’s so different than what she’s used to that she doesn’t quite know how to handle it.”

All About Nina hits theaters on September 28th. Watch the first trailer for it (below).