Hailed as one of the greatest soulful R&B singers to ever take to a microphone, fans of Marvin Gaye's music span generations. The musician's life was wrought with controversies as he became a heavy drug abuser and attempted to take his own life on multiple occasions, yet his ability to have his ear to the streets translated into ever song he sang.

Prior to being murdered by his father in 1984, Gaye fathered three children: Frankie, Nona, and his adopted son (his first wife Anna Gordy's—and her brother Berry Gordy's—niece's son) Marvin Gaye III. Although he and his father were rumored to have had a rocky relationship, Marvin III followed in the Motown legend's footsteps and attempted to have a music career of his own. While he didn't gain much traction on the fame front at the time, a music video from Marvin III titled "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" featuring D'Extra Wiley has resurfaced. The 53-year-old tapped the far opposite of Marvin Gaye on the music scale and released a club-dance-electronica-pop type of hit that, if we're honest, we can see being played at a nightclub. Somewhere.

The video itself left the internet with plenty of opinions, and social media users weren't afraid to share them all. The visual stars Marvin III's wife Wendy Gaye as his leading lady, making the whole project a tad wholesome. Check out the video, and a few reactions, below.