A couple of days ago we reported on the news that Dr. Dre had landed the rights to create a biopic on the late Marvin Gaye. It was a little surprising considering many other names such as F. Gary Gary, Cameron Crowe, Scott Rubin and Lenny Kravitz have also attempted to do the same thing and have been denied the rights to Marvin's catalogue.  

The Blast is now reporting that Marvin's son, Marvin Gaye III, has responded to the announcement saying the deal has not yet been approved. “In regards to the announcement that was made in the media on June 18 as it pertains to a biopic about my father, the legendary iconic singer Marvin Gaye, that is being produced by Dr. Dre, I want to say that it was prematurely announced, therefore I denounce these statements," he said.

“I love and highly respect Dr. Dre, and we are currently in talks about his participation in the film. However, the movie rights have not been granted nor secured at this time from me as an heir. My hope is to have a group of capable and experienced film producers to be involved with the making of a wonderful masterpiece of my dad’s life.”

It seems as though a certain somebody thought the announcement would sway Marvin the third into securing the deal, but he's not settling for "nothing less than excellence."