When it comes to NBA stars who can throw down in the studio, Portland Trail Blazers All Star Damian Lillard is widely regarded as the cream of the crop. Lillard, aka Dame D.O.L.L.A, already has two albums under his belt, including 2016's "The Letter O" and "Confirmed" which followed in 2017.

Still, there are other ballers in the league who are confident in their lyrical prowess, including Lonzo Ball, Lance Stephenson and Marvin Bagley III. The Sacramento Kings forward made an appearance on ESPN's First Take on Thursday, where he was asked about his rapping ability and how it stacks up to Dame.

In regards to the best NBA MC, Bagley didn't hesitate telling the hosts, “Man, me. Me, man. I love music, I love music, so I’m gonna go with myself.” Asked if he’d be willing to battle Lillard on a future episode of First Take, Bagley added, “Yeah, for sure. Whenever, wherever. I’m with whatever. I make music, it’s something I love. So we can see.”

Almost immediately after that video clip was posted online, Lillard responded by saying he won't be making any appearances on First Take, but he's definitely down to battle if that's what Bagley wants. Check out the video footage, as well as Lillard's timely response below.