The PlayStation 5 is on the way, and while securing one has begun to look something like a Herculean task, the hype remains at an all-time high. And though many of the more anticipated titles are lined up for 2021, one of the earliest gems appears to be a remastered version of the hit PS4 exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man, an emotional and action-packed story complete with highly-addictive free-roaming gameplay; it's no wonder that many named it one of 2018's best games of the year.

And while a remastered version can be a celebratory occasion, a few early screenshots have many fans of the original raising an eyebrow. The original Peter Parker, who used actor John Bubniak as a face model, has undergone a drastic transformation. Now, he appears to resemble the current face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spidey, Tom Holland, a resemblance that has not gone unnoticed across social media.

Though some appreciate the update, others are displeased with the permeating influence of the MCU -- not to mention the unnecessary nature of the change, especially following such a well-depicted version of Peter Parker. Many have also commented that the new version appears too young, as Spider-Man has already been active for ten years when the main events of the game kick off. Check out the official trailer (which already features an alarming number of Youtube dislikes) for yourself below, and sound off -- do you think this was a solid change, or should they have left Peter Parker's face untouched?