Naturally, the stage set by the Super Bowl on Sunday was the prime opportunity for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to preview their forthcoming Avengers: Endgame film. 

The Russo Brothers teased the arrival ahead of the new trailer's showing, taking to Twitter to instruct fans to "Turn On your TVs." The teaser is a 30-second spot that follows up on the events that ended Avengers: Infinity War, picking up with a world where half the population has been wiped out thanks to Thanos, leaving few Avengers to pick up the pieces on Earth. In the clip, you can catch a glimpse of Tony Stark in space with Nebula along with an unbearded Captain America. 

The host of Avengers remaining include War Machine, Ant-Man, Thor, Rocket of the Guardians, and Black Widow. Before Endgame arrives, though, fans will be gifted to the premiere of the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel film. The movie, which is set to arrive at the top of March, was also paired with a teaser during the Super Bowl. The film is actually set in the 90s and will likely have some tie to the forthcoming Endgame flick, but only time will tell as fans patiently await.