Most years, Marvel Studios rakes the benefits of producing some of the most lucrative films of the year and their Avengers franchise is almost always certain to make the studio nearly a billion dollars or more. Superhero flicks are some of the most-watched among Hollywood's releases, which can be evidenced by the success of Black Panther and, like, all of Marvel's past films. The film studio came through on Twitter today, announcing that the next installment in The Avengers, titled Infinity War is being moved up by a week to premiere on April 27 instead of the original May 4 debut.

The changes were made following Robert Downey Jr.'s tweets to the studio, asking if he could see the movie earlier than the announced May release. Marvel suggested the new late April date, to which the actor who portrays Iron Man in the film responded, "Great. With friends?" Marvel asked him to specify if he meant his superhero friends including Chadwick Boseman, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo, to which Downey Jr. said that he meant his friends across the globe. The exchange is comical and it ends in incredible news for fans of the franchise as you now need to wait one week less to catch the premiere.

Check out the series of tweets between Iron Man and Marvel Studios below. The Avengers: Infinity War is now set to premiere worldwide on April 27.