If you don’t want any light spoilers for the latest Marvel movie, Eternals, you won’t want to read this article. The star-studded film finally hit theatres this Friday and its already got viewers divided on how to feel. One scene in particular seems to be sparking major debate online, in which Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) have sex.

If you’re a Marvel Cinematic Universe super fan, you likely already know that the franchise has avoided including too many intimate moments in its films, and up until now, love making scenes were totally left out. However, director Chloé Zhao felt that she couldn’t “tell a mature love story” without some sort of penultimate romantic moment.

“It’s lovely to see two people show physical affection for each other – a kiss, make love. [Gemma and Richard did] such a great job…It’s very tasteful. You can feel the genuine love they have for each other,” the Best Director winner told Variety.

Zhao may be sold on her decision, but all of Twitter isn’t – yet, anyway. “Eternals was great. All new characters in the movie was presented great and didn’t feel rushed. The sex scene was awkward and not necessary,” one viewer shared. “I can’t believe Eternals has a sex scene and Disney released it only five days into No Nut November,” someone else joked.

On the other hand, some people are in support of the controversial scene. “Eternals sex scene was pretty tame but it’s better than nothing. Blockbusters should be h*rny again,” one person wrote. 

At the time of publication, the film is sitting at a 49% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes while also boasting an audience score of 86%, showing that’s there’s major disparity between critics and fans who have seen Eternals so far.

Do you have plans to check out Chloe Zhao’s latest endeavour, or are you skipping out on the “awkward” sex scene?