Although it doesn't come out until April, Marvel has already leaked a description of the ending of Avengers: Endgame. While Infinity War ended with a snap and people disintegrating quietly into the wind, the next one will apparently end with a "bombastic bang." The news comes from a Marvel press release leaked on Imgur, that is translated below. Even in the English translation it sounds a little German:

Dear colleagues, It is the most expected trailer of the year. What started with Iron Man in 2008, is going to end with a bombastic bang. After lots of adventures and the most dramatic final in the recent movie history of Avengers: Infinity War, all threads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe converge to the ultimate, all-changing showdown.

This "ultimate, all-changing showdown" will take place in April of 2019, only a few months away. Captain Marvel is set to come out right after and Spider-Man: Far From Home, a movie that's so anticipated people are righting think-pieces about its trailer didn't come out, will be released sometime in 2019. 

For now, content yourself with hypothesizing about the "bombastic bang," using all the tiniest little hints and details from the recent trailer, which you can watch below: