Ryan Coogler's directing skills is what made Black Panther the talked about movie it is. The film is reported to be Marvel's highest-growing domestic release of all time, pulling in $681 million at the box office. So with all that information combined, of course Marvel wants Ryan to direct the sequel.

“We definitely want Ryan to come back, and that’s actively being worked out right now,” Marvel president, Kevin Feige said. “When will it be? A lot of it will be when Ryan wants to and not rushing anything, but I think we have an idea of when it will be. But, again, (we’re) not going announce any post-Avengers 4 movies until hopefully after Avengers 4, which is another reason we’re not going to Comic-Con.” 

Marvel is moving a little differently with Black Panther, as previous films would begin working on the second chapter regardless of who took the role of director. This was seemingly at a time when the company had to stick to strict timelines for release dates and keep fans connected with the growth of the Marvel universe and its characters. 

Ryan's work with the company has proven to have paid off immensely and for that, Kevin is grateful. “The success of Panther is so amazing and makes us happy for so many reasons, and it certainly exceeded our lofty expectations,” Kevin added. “But our expectations were always lofty, so we had built a plan, not the least of which was centering so much of Infinity War in those locations and with some of those characters, that (its success) just says, ‘Let’s stick to this plan.’ It would have been much more disruptive if it had not worked. Then we would have had to change a lot of what we were thinking about, but it really just solidifies and excites us to continue to move forward in the directions we’re heading in.”