In April of this year, Disney revealed further information with regards to an upcoming streaming service entitled Disney+. Moreover, they went onto discuss how the Marvel Cinematic Universe would also play a role in the launching of their new venture. Much later that month, business executive Kevin Feige showed up at an investor's meeting hosted by Disney and added greater details with regards to the aforementioned deal. A highly-anticipated Loki series can be expected. You may also expect the involvement of Tom Hiddleston reprising his titular role. Although the latter was a secret at first, with investors at the meeting forbidden from sharing any photos of the Loki logo which appeared on the screen, Disney has officially released photographic teasers of the upcoming series.

Images of Loki walking down a busy street near a JAWS sign hints that the series might occur in the 1970s, the same time the classic Spielberg movie came out. Thus far, it's been speculated that the small screen series will be taking a look into the series of events which occurred prior to the Avengers: Infinity War. It has also been estimated that the show will take on what happened when Loki began his mission to steal the infinity stone in Avengers: Endgame. Though no release dates have been shared for Loki, the Disney+ streaming service is expected to kick off this November.