At only 22 years of age, Katherine Langford has gotten herself one of the biggest gigs in acting, taking on an as of yet undisclosed role in the upcoming Avengers sequel. Marvel Studios hasn't said a thing about who or what she'll be playing, even though the movie is in post-production, meaning Langford's scenes have all been shot. The move is typical of Marvel, who are notorious for heightening anticipation of their already record-breaking franchise by keeping very quiet and releasing teaser trailers ages before the films are set to release. 

The hype for the Infinity War sequel is about as high as it can be, since most of the characters in the movie were killed off at the end, floating away into thin air. This has created a storm of rumours about who will stay dead, who will be resurrected and who will be killed of at the end of the final Avengers movie, so the scrutiny on casting choices has been intense, to say the least.

Katherine Langford, the new addition, made a name for herself on the recent Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, where she plays Hannah, a character who is resurrected from the dead through 13 tapes that she recorded before committing suicide. Maybe we'll get a similar resurrection in the new Avengers.