Marvel & The Weeknd are covering every last drop, as they prepare for the unveiling of Starboy's very first comic book. STARBOY Vol. I Issue 1 will be the first installment in the series pitting The Weeknd as a vigilante force up against a malevolent genius named Jack “The Chef” Smiley. The comic will cover the same ground we've come accustomed to in the genre. "Good vs Evil" is played out by a single entity combating an entire organization of ruthless criminals.

To drive interest home, and maybe generate a little capital, Marvel and The Weeknd have decided to release a line of hoodies, jackets and shirts bearing the likeness of the superhero "Starboy." All the branding of the character and the typeface used are closely associated with the artistic direction on The Weeknd's Starboy album. The capsule features hand drawn graphics from the Marvel illustration team, as well logos generated for the product lunch. The 7-piece collection will be available for a limited time only  at during the next 96 hours ( May 18th - May 21st) while supplies last. Keep in mind, shipping rates are not included in the initial markup, and the product run is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

Images via The Artist.