Back in the fall, Marvel and The Weeknd announced they'd be joining forces to create an original comic book based on the singer's chart topping album, Starboy. At the time, they didn't reveal too much information about it except for a sole image that Weeknd shared on his Instagram at the time. Marvel has now unveiled both the release date for the comic book as well as a brief synopsis of the plotline.

The Weeknd & Marvel's comic book, Starboy is coming to a store near you this coming summer. The comic takes place in the fictional city of Alphatron where the antogonist Jack "The Chef" Smiley has spiked the crime in the city and "unified all criminal organizations with his ruthlessness and strategic genius." "The Chef" is a brutal character that not only murders his victims but cannibalizes their bodies.

"The citizens live in fear and the police have been directly targeted." The press release says, "The city is in dire need of a hero. It will not get one, but it will get what it deserves: Starboy!"

The comic book is expected to hit shelves on June 13th and serves as the first issue of the debut volume.

"Starboy" was written by The Weeknd, La Mar Taylor and Christos Gage with graphics handled by Eric Nguyen and Guru-eFX. 

Aside from the upcoming comic book, the singer was recently spotted shooting the music video for his next single. He's also been sharing a lot of pictures from inside the studio. Hopefully, we get the first taste of his upcoming project in the near future.